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The chemistry of peroxynitric acid (HO 2 NO 2) and methyl peroxynitrate (CH 3 O 2 NO 2) is predicted to be particularly important in the upper troposphere where temperatures are frequently low enough that these compounds do not rapidly decompose. At temperatures below 240 K, we calculate that about 20% of NO y in the mid-and high-latitude upper troposphere(More)
B lymphocytes from patients with X chromosome-linked immunoglobulin deficiency with normal or elevated serum IgM are unable to switch from the synthesis of IgM/IgD to that of other immunoglobulin isotypes. Isotype switch recombination was evaluated in three affected males by examining interleukin 4-driven IgE synthesis. T-cell-dependent IgE synthesis was(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the heart rate (HR) and blood pressure (BP) response of sexual activity compared with treadmill exercise in adult men and women. Nineteen men, 55 +/- 8 years, and 13 women, 51 +/- 7 years, underwent a maximal Bruce protocol treadmill stress test followed by home-monitored sexual activity using noninvasive HR and BP(More)
Multilayer (ML) structures composed of alternating, ultrathin layers of Ru and B(4)C have been grown by dc magnetron sputtering. The ML microstructure has been characterized using x-ray diffraction and highresolution transmission electron microscopy, and the normal-incidence reflectivity has been measured using synchrotron radiation. It is found that, under(More)
Chirped Mo-Si multilayer coatings, where the multilayer period is systematically varied throughout the deposition process, exhibit an increased x-ray bandwidth at normal incidence with a corresponding increase in the integrated reflectance of as much as 20% at lambda ~ 13 nm. The increased bandwidth is accompanied by a slight reduction in peak reflectance.(More)
<p>Recent advances in multilayer mirror technology meet many of the stringent demands of soft-x-ray projection lithography (SXPL). The maximum normal-incidence reflectivity achieved to date is 66% for Mo/Si multilayers at a soft-x-ray wavelength of 13.4 am, which is sufficient to satisfy the x-ray throughput requirements of SXPL. These high-performance(More)
It was previously shown that when normal human serum and purified properdin or serum containing nephritic factor were allowed to diffuse toward each other in agar, a stainable precipitin line formed only in the presence of an intact alternative pathway. In the present study we have shown that when guinea pig erythrocytes were incorporated in agar and normal(More)
In a patient with lifelong increased susceptibility to infection and multiple abnormalities in complement-mediated functions, the infusion of normal plasma had been seen to produce a prolonged partial correction of serum abnormalities. It was subsequently shown that the patient was genetically deficient in the C3b inactivator and that immunochemical(More)