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We show how to find mixing probabilities, or weights, for composite probability mass functions (pmfs) for k-variate discrete random variables with specified marginal pmfs and a specified, feasible population correlation structure. We characterize a joint pmf that is a composition, or mixture, of 2k-1 extreme-correlation joint pmfs and the joint pmf under(More)
Combat, unlike many real-world processes, tends to be singular in nature. That is, there are not multiple occurrences from which to hypothesize a probability distribution model of the real-world system. Mission-level models may offer more flexibility on some measures due to their extended time frame. Additionally, the parameters involved in the(More)
This research develops an agent based simulation model for application to the sortie generation process, focusing on a single fighter aircraft unit. The simulation includes representations of each individual maintainer within the unit, along with supervisory agents that provide direction in the form of dynamic task prioritization and resource assignment.(More)
Agent based models are powerful tools in describing processes and systems centered on individual behaviors and local interactions. Current application areas tend to be focused within the business and social science arenas, although their usefulness has been demonstrated in the modeling of various chemistry and physics-based systems and more recently, in(More)