Raymond P. Stowe

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the inter-rater reliability and validity of clinical diagnostic criteria for neurodegenerative dementias. BACKGROUND Inter-rater accuracy of the diagnosis of AD has been explored, but there are few accuracy studies for progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) and frontotemporal lobe dementia (FTD). Furthermore, there have been no(More)
INTRODUCTION Immune system dysregulation has been demonstrated to occur during and immediately following spaceflight. If found to persist during lengthy flights, this phenomenon could be a serious health risk to crewmembers participating in lunar or Mars missions. METHODS A comprehensive postflight immune assessment was performed on 17 short-duration(More)
BACKGROUND Spaceflight poses a unique stress to humans that can impair cellular immune responses and reactivate latent herpes viruses. Notably, prior studies have suggested that mission length may be an important factor in the variability of immune alterations observed after spaceflight. In this study, adrenocortical responses and circulating leukocytes(More)
The reactivation of cytomegalovirus (CMV) in 71 astronauts was investigated, using polymerase chain reaction. A significantly greater (P<.0001) shedding frequency was found in urine samples from astronauts before spaceflight (10.6%) than in urine from the healthy control subject group (1.2%). Two of 4 astronauts studied during spaceflight shed CMV in urine.(More)
Patterns of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) reactivation in 32 astronauts and 18 healthy age-matched control subjects were characterized by quantifying EBV shedding. Saliva samples were collected from astronauts before, during, and after 10 space shuttle missions of 5-14 days duration. At one time point or another, EBV was detected in saliva from each of the(More)
The aged immune system is characterized by clonal expansions of CD8+ T cells of which a substantial portion are directed against Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and cytomegalovirus (CMV). It is unknown if these expansions represent increased viral reactivation or simply reflect an accumulation over time. We investigated herpesvirus reactivation in young and old(More)
BACKGROUND Increased frequency and severity of herpesvirus infections are common in individuals with impaired cellular immunity, a phenomenon observed in both the elderly and astronauts alike. This study investigated immune responses and latent herpesvirus reactivation during a 9-d spaceflight. In addition, adrenocortical and immune responses of an elderly(More)
Post-flight data suggests immunity is dysregulated immediately following spaceflight, however this data may be influenced by the stress effects of high-G entry and readaptation to terrestrial gravity. It is unknown if immunity is altered during spaceflight. Blood samples were collected from 19 US Astronauts onboard the Space Shuttle ~24 h prior to landing(More)
BACKGROUND Aging is one factor believed to contribute to processes that underlie chronic low-grade inflammation in older adults. Moreover, more recent studies have suggested that cytokine levels are influenced by ethnicity. METHODS In this study, we determined plasma cytokine profiles in a population-based sample (n = 1,411; aged 25-91 years) to determine(More)
OBJECTIVES We investigated ethnic differences in allostatic load in a population-based sample of adults living in Texas City, TX, and assessed the effects of nativity and acculturation status on allostatic load among people of Mexican origin. METHODS We used logistic regression models to examine ethnic variations in allostatic load scores among(More)