Raymond P Lorion

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We investigated the psychosocial adjustment of school-aged, human immunodeficiency virus-positive children and factors associated with level of adjustment. Participants were primarily transfusion-infected children living in middle-class families. We administered measures of depression, anxiety, and self-concept to children, and measures of behavior(More)
This paper discusses the antecedents and current progress of an ongoing program of research on the nature, extent, and consequences of children's direct and indirect exposure to violent events and settings. Involvement in such research has sensitized the authors to difficult ethical and methodological challenges that, we believe, merit consideration by(More)
Efforts by an American Psychological Association task force to identify model prevention programs for high-risk groups throughout the life span are summarized. Criteria for selection and program content are described, and implications for the construction, implementation, and evaluation of effective programs are discussed.
The screening efficiency of two measures of school-adjustment is considered by assessing the proportion of children referred to a school mental health program whose scores fall at or above the 85th centile on one or both measures. The study's findings demonstrate that 60-90% of referred children were identifiable by a screening cutoff score procedure. The(More)
Format and instructional revisions were made in the TRF, a previously reported school adjustment measure, to extend its diagnostic, prescriptive, and empirical utility. Factor analyses of school adjustment ratings on the revised CARS with a normative sample of "healthy" primary graders demonstrated that while the revisions maintained the scale's original(More)
A sample of 337 adolescent male students were surveyed for demographic, individual, school, and familial functioning and delinquency status to investigate two questions relevant to prediction of adolescent delinquency proneness. First, three methods of scoring a delinquency self-report measure (frequency, variety, and seriousness) were compared to assess(More)
This paper describes an evolving transformative partnership between a large comprehensive university, an urban school system and a predominantly African-American, low-income neighborhood. The partnership's originating intent was to apply an array of university, civic and local resources to improve the academic performance of a neighborhood's schools and the(More)