Raymond Moran

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The most important mechanism in the regulation of transcription is the binding of a transcription factor (TF) to a DNA sequence called the TF binding site (TFBS). Most binding sites are short and degenerate, which makes predictions based on their primary sequence alone somewhat unreliable. We present a new web tool that implements a flexible and extensible(More)
SCH 19927, one of the four chiral forms of labetalol, is approximately 4 times as potent as a beta adrenergic receptor blocker as the parent racemate, but is only one-third as potent in blocking alpha receptors. The present report describes its antihypertensive and hemodynamic actions. SCH 19927 and labetalol lowered blood pressure in hypertensive rats and(More)
Hypotensive and orthostatic activities of a variety of orally administered antihypertensive drugs were concurrently evaluated in conscious spontaneously hypertensive rats and attempts were made to relate these responses to effects on peripheral sympathetic function. The alpha-adrenergic blockers phentolamine and prazosin and the adrenergic neuron blocker(More)
BACKGROUND Prehabilitation is defined as preparing an individual to withstand a stressful event through enhancement of functional capacity. HYPOTHESIS We hypothesized that a preoperative exercise program would enhance postoperative outcomes after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR). STUDY DESIGN Randomized controlled clinical trial; Level(More)
Observations with both captopril and teprotide suggest interplay of the renin angiotensin and sympathetic nervous systems during sodium depletion. We therefore examined adrenergic responses in normal or sodium restricted (8 days low sodium chow; trichlormethiazide 3 mg/kg, p.o., days 5-7) normotensive rats orally pretreated with placebo and captopril (3 or(More)
A total of 1282 inguinal hernia repairs were performed between September 1989 and June 1994 using polypropylene mesh inserted in the preperitoneal space to reinforce a two-layer transversalis fascia technique. There was a recurrence rate of 0.4 per cent with a minimal follow-up of 14 months. All the operations were performed as outpatient surgery, under(More)