Raymond Milner

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This paper focuses on the identification and testing of potential psychosocial factors contributing to an integrated multivariate predictive model of occupational low back disability. Psychosocial predictors originate from five traditions of psychosocial research: psychopathological, cognitive, diathesis-stress, human adaptation and organizational(More)
Non-freezing cold injury can be a diagnostic challenge for clinicians in the United Kingdom Armed Forces. It is associated with operations in adverse climatic conditions, and may result in significant long-term morbidity. In this article we discuss the operational importance of this condition and the current best practice in its management and prevention.
In the summer of 1967, I saw American starvation and malnutrition up close. As a civil rights worker in the Mississippi Delta, I (literally) carried ill and malnourished black children into hospitals. (The hospitals-without a law student from the North standing in the admitting room and threatening a lawsuit-ordinarily refused to treat poor African(More)
A survey of attitudes of pediatricians, child neurologists, and pediatric surgeons toward Down syndrome is compared with a similar study reported in 1975. A contemporary physician would be much more aggressive in treating a child with Down syndrome who has associated anomalies such as duodenal atresia or congenital heart disease. Few would recommend(More)
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