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In order to reason about specifications of computations that are given via the proof search or logic programming paradigm one needs to have at least some forms of induction and some principle for reasoning about the ways in which terms are built and the ways in which computations can progress. The literature contains many approaches to formally adding these(More)
Logical frameworks based on intuitionistic or linear logics with higher-type quantification have been successfully used to give high-level, modular, and formal specifications of many important judgments in the area of programming languages and inference systems. Given such specifications, it is natural to consider proving properties about the specified(More)
Intuitionistic and linear logics can be used to specify the operational semantics of transition systems in various ways. We consider here two encodings: one uses linear logic and maps states of the transition system into formulas, and the other uses intuitionistic logic and maps states into terms. In both cases, it is possible to relate transition paths to(More)
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