Raymond M. Loy

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order accurate discontinuous discontinuous nite element solution of the 2D Euler equations, A massively parallel adaptive nite element method with dynamic load balancing, SAND 93-0936C (1993). 21. K. Eriksson and C. Johnson, Adaptive nite element methods for parabolic problems I: A linear model problem, SIAM J. Adaptive nite element methods for parabolic(More)
An adaptive technique for a partial diierential system automatically adjusts a computational mesh or varies the order of a numerical procedure to obtain a solution satisfying prescribed accuracy criteria in an optimal fashion. We describe data structures for distributed storage of nite element mesh data as well as software for mesh adaptation, load(More)
Scalability and time-to-solution studies have historically been focused on the size of the problem and run time. We consider a more strict definition of "solution" whereby a live data analysis (co-visualization of either the full data or in situ data extracts) provides continuous and reconfigurable insight into massively parallel simulations. Specifically,(More)
We describe the design and implementation of an application-level parallel I/O (PIO) library for the reading and writing of distributed arrays to several common scientific data formats. PIO provides the flexibility to control the number of I/O tasks through data rearrangement to an I/O friendly decomposition. This flexibility enables reductions in per task(More)
Conservation laws are solved by a local Galerkin nite element procedure with adap-tive space-time mesh reenement and explicit time integration. The Courant stability condition is used to select smaller time steps on smaller elements of the mesh, thereby greatly increasing eeciency relative to methods having a single global time step. Processor load(More)
The interactive visualization and exploration of large scientific data sets is a challenging and difficult task; their size often far exceeds the performance and memory capacity of even the most powerful graphics workstations. To address this problem, we have created a technique that combines hierarchical data reduction methods with parallel computing to(More)
Over a 20-year period 765 men and 1127 women with asthma were followed up; 272 men and 282 women died compared with expected deaths of 165 men and 185 women. As anticipated there was an appreciable number of deaths attributed to asthma but an even higher absolute excess of deaths attributed to bronchitis when compared with the expected numbers. The relative(More)
Massively parallel computation provides an enormous capacity to perform simulations on a timescale that can change the paradigm of how scientists, engineers, and other practitioners use simulations to address discovery and design. This work considers an active flow control application on a realistic and complex wing design that could be leveraged by a(More)