Raymond M. Carman

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Spontaneous movements were observed for 1-h sessions in each of 50 normal full-term infants aged from 2 weeks to 50 weeks in their own homes using videoanalysis. Movements were categorised according to the classifications of Thelen [17] and Hopkins and Prechtl [10]. Developmental profiles for the frequency of occurrence of the different types of movements(More)
BACKGROUND Neuropathology of frontotemporal lobar degeneration is variable and relationship between the pathology and the clinical presentation remains uncertain. Abnormal deposits of hyperphosphorylated and ubiquitinated tau protein are present in 30% of cases, which include the classic presentation of Pick disease with argyrophilic, intraneuronal(More)
  • B Bertolucci, R Carman, J Faust, D Horelick, J.-L Pellegrin
  • 1999
This report describes a system of electronics to be used with a proportional wire chamber hodoscope. The system, which uses CAMAC packaging and data handling philosophy, consists of octo (8 channel) wire signal amplifiers, octo 4-bit per wire latch modules, gate fanout modules, crate controllers , and two types of data processor-interface units to the SDS(More)
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