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MedNet and its predecessor, NeuroNet, have been in use since 1985. The current system provides real-time monitoring and multiparty consultation during 1,600 brain surgeries per year. T he field of medicine is a natural application for distributed, col-laborative multimedia systems. The data types, manipulations, and user interactions are broad and(More)
A distributed computing facility that subserves a wide variety of clinical and research neurophysiology functions is described. The backbone of the system is an Ethernet local area network to which are attached a number of "sub"-networks defined by functional requirements. A variety of computer systems are attached to the network, many of which are mounted(More)
The effect on the central nervous system of inhaled stable xenon, at concentrations of 25%, 30% and 35%, was assessed by evaluating changes in power spectra computed on the electroencephalogram. Ten normal adult subjects were studied in a protocol designed as a repeated measures experiment. Synchronous changes in the EEG power spectra were observed with(More)
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