Raymond L Funk

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6-Bromomethyl-4H-1,3-dioxin has been prepared in three steps from allyl iodide. A variety of enolates were then alkylated with this bromide. The resulting 6-alkyl-4H-1,3-dioxins were either subjected to further multistep transformations and/or heated to effect facile retrocycloaddition reactions. The resulting enones smoothly participated in novel(More)
A new method for the preparation of indoles from readily available alpha-haloenones and alpha-(trialkylstannyl)enecarbamates is described. Following a Stille coupling, trienecarbamate 2 is electronically activated to undergo a facile 6pi-electrocyclic ring closure and subsequent oxidation to afford protected aniline 4. Upon deprotection and reductive(More)
An approach to the total synthesis of the antimicrotubule agent welwistatin is described. Key transformations include (1) a 7-endo intramolecular conjugate addition reaction of enone 6 to deliver the strained bicyclo[4.3.1]decanone 5; (2) a 6pi electrocyclic ring closure of trienecarbamate 16 followed by oxidation to afford protected aniline 17; and (3) an(More)
A variety of 3,3-disubstituted 2-indolinones have been prepared by treatment of 3-bromo-3-alkyl-2-indolinones with dienophiles/nucleophiles in the presence of cesium carbonate. Application of this general strategy has facilitated the total syntheses of the reverse prenylated marine natural products (+/-)-flustramine A and (+/-)-flustramine C. [Structure:(More)
[Structure: see text] A convergent and versatile strategy for the diastereoselective syntheses of (+/-)-cis-trikentrin A and B in 10 and 12 steps, respectively, from commercially available N-BOC-2-pyrrolidinone is described. The key step in each of the total syntheses is the construction of the central benzene ring via a facile 6pi-electrocyclic ring(More)
A concise total synthesis of (±)-communesin F has been completed in 15 linear steps from 4-bromotryptophol in an overall yield of 6.7%. A key step features the cycloaddition of indol-2-one with 3-(2-azidoethyl)-4-bromoindole and facilitates the rapid construction of the lower aminal-containing tetracyclic core of the natural product.