Raymond Kong

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We have reported the production of white adipocytes in adipose tissue from hematopoietic progenitors arising from bone marrow. However, technical challenges have hindered detection of this adipocyte population by certain other laboratories. These disparate results highlight the need for sensitive and definitive techniques to identify bone marrow progenitor(More)
Adult adipose tissue contains a large supply of progenitors that can renew fat cells for homeostatic tissue maintenance and adaptive growth or regeneration in response to external challenges. However, the in vivo mechanisms that control adipocyte progenitor behavior are poorly characterized. We recently demonstrated that recruitment of adipocyte progenitors(More)
Analysis and isolation of adipocytes via flow cytometry is particularly useful to study their biology. However, the adoption of this technology has often been hampered by the presence of stromal/vascular cells in adipocyte fractions prepared from collagenase-digested adipose tissue. Here, we describe a multistep staining method and gating strategy that(More)
Gammaherpesvirus-associated neoplasms include tumors of lymphocytes, epithelial cells, and endothelial cells (ECs). We previously showed that, unlike most cell types, ECs survive productive gammaherpesvirus 68 (γHV68) infection and achieve anchorage-independent growth, providing a cellular reservoir for viral persistence. Here, we demonstrated autophagy in(More)
Pervasive monitoring of vital signs has been proposed for many use cases in the health domain including post-operative, condition management, fitness and wellness and many others. In this paper, we present a research prototype of an end to end personal health monitoring system. This system provides pervasive monitoring of physiological data targeted for(More)
The next frontier of sensor networking is integration: building operational systems that meet business requirements and integrate with existing business processes. We describe an industrial deployment and the system architecture that overcomes challenges in energy efficiency, system reliability, data fidelity, and flexible integration. We evaluate the(More)
A multi-layer, topological detailed-router is described. This is the first router ever reported that uses a rubber-band sketch (RBS) to represent the interconnect. The detailed-router is part of SURF, a routing system for multi-chip modules and VLSI that was designed to handle efficiently large multi-layer problems. The detailed-router supports various(More)
Acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) is a hematological emergency in which a rapid diagnosis is essential for early administration of appropriate therapy, including all-trans retinoic acid before the onset of fatal coagulopathy. Currently, the following methodologies are widely used for rapid initial diagnosis of APL: 1) identification of hypergranular(More)