Raymond K.-Y. Li

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We report the first four North American cases of Candida dubliniensis fungemia, including the first isolation of this organism from the bloodstream of an HIV-infected person. All isolates were susceptible in vitro to commonly used antifungal drugs. This report demonstrates that C. dubliniensis can cause bloodstream infection; however, the incidence of(More)
Ultrafast electron probes are powerful tools, complementary to x-ray free-electron lasers, used to study structural dynamics in material, chemical, and biological sciences. High brightness, relativistic electron beams with femtosecond pulse duration can resolve details of the dynamic processes on atomic time and length scales. SLAC National Accelerator(More)
  • M L Huang, K S Chen, R K Li
  • 2005
Statistical techniques are effective and powerful means of quantifying the variability of processes, analyzing this variability with reference to product requirements, and eliminating this variability in product manufacturing. Many process capability indices have been effectively and widely used to determine whether the quality of a process meets pre-set(More)
  • K S Chen, S C Chen, R K Li
  • 2002
Process capability indices are widely regarded as a flexible means of evaluating the quality and performance of a process. Accreditation by the Quality System Requirement QS9000 requires an agent to conduct a global evaluation on the process capability over the entire product family from a plant. Generally, the process capability of the whole product family(More)
  • K S Chen, K L Chen, R K Li
  • 2005
In the competitive global business environment, enterprises should effectively respond to and satisfy customer needs. Outsourcing manufacturing is an effective method of adjusting the flexibility of production capability. To ensure final product quality, evaluating and selecting a contract manufacturer is essential. Process capability indices are(More)
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