Raymond Jarvis

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In this paper, we present a prototype robotic system that captures, processes and fuses speech, vision and laser-depth data to more accurately interpret and perform simple tasks in a domestic environment. We can never assume that any one of these inputs are completely accurate, but by using a combination, a more accurate interpretation could be found. For(More)
In this paper, we present two methods of performing eye-to-hand visual servoing using vision and tactile information: direct fuzzy servoing and fuzzy correction. The fuzzy methods are tuned by an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS). The set-up is part of a humanoid robot, named COERSU (Jafari and Jarvis, 2003). Experimental results from COERSU are(More)
An essential feature for personal robots in domestic environments is the quality of its interaction. This work describes a Contextually Informed MultiModal Integrator, CIMMI, that fuses speech and symbolic gestures probabilisti-cally and is informed by contextual knowledge in an assistive technology robotic application. Symbolic gestures are gestures that(More)
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