Raymond J Yu

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PURPOSE We compared and evaluated clinical outcomes in patients with pathological superficial (pT2a) and deep (pT2b) invasion of bladder muscle with transitional cell carcinoma following radical cystectomy and urinary diversion. MATERIALS AND METHODS From 1971 to 2001, 311 of 1,359 patients (23%), including 244 males (78%) and 67 females, were found to(More)
From January 1989 to June 1990, 13 institutions in our country studied jointly the application of a 20-item neonatal behavioral neurological assessment (NBNA) in asphyxiated babies. Of 145 cases, 125 were followed up to 1-2 years of age. The results showed that in predicting prognosis, the sensitivity and specificity of NBNA score at 7 days after birth were(More)
Based on the method of Brazelton and Amiel-Tison for behavioral neurological measurement in the newborn and our own experience, we formulated a 20-item neonatal behavioral neurological assessment (NBNA). For setting up a practical method and a normal range of its scores in China, we examined 714 normal newborns (male 369, female 345), with NBNA at the age(More)
BACKGROUND Despite numerous reports describing the clinical course of patients undergoing a modified Blalock-Taussig shunt (MBTS), there is limited information on shunt obstruction. No studies have quantified MBTS stenosis histopathologically and correlated that with demographic and clinical risk factors. METHODS From June 2001 to June 2003, 155 patients(More)
BACKGROUND Tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI) have dramatically changed the management paradigm of advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and are increasingly being used preoperatively to achieve cytoreduction. OBJECTIVE To review our case series of post-TKI surgical procedures to add to the current perioperative efficacy and complication profile. MATERIALS(More)
OBJECTIVE Detecting free radicals and alpha 1-antitrypsin (alpha 1-AT) from healthy smoker's blood to study the action of free radicals in smoking induced diseases. METHOD Thiobarbituric acid method (TBA), RIA, 5-5'-dithio-2-dinitrobenzoicacid (DTNB) method, Ellman method and enzyme linked immunosorbent assay were used to detect the lipid peroxides (LPO),(More)
Objective: To investigate the clinical characteristics of Sturge-Weber syndrome (SWS) in the patients with Port-wine stain (PWS). Methods: A total of 279 PWS patients, 164 males, 115 females with a median age of first visit 17.00 (4.75, 56.00) months. Most of the PWS patients were referred to the Ophthalmology Department for screening eye problems when the(More)
The effect of endcapping on an octdecyl bonded phase synthesized by the silanization/hydrosilation method is investigated. The endcapping reagent is a 1:1 molar ratio of trimethylchlorosilane (TMCS) and hexamethyldisilizane (HMDS). Two approaches for endcapping are possible for this synthetic method that produces a silica hydride intermediate: bonding of(More)
In order to determine the hemodynamics and pulmonary function during exercise, 20 patients with chronic lung disease complicated with (group A) or without (group B) pulmonary hypertension were studied. FEV1% in group A was lower than that in group B at rest, the increase in VE, VO2, O2-pulse in patients with pulmonary hypertension were lower than in(More)