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High-resolution chromosome analysis and multiple banding techniques were performed on blood samples from 40 patients with Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) as a follow-up to our recent report in which we found interstitial deletions of 15q in four of five patients with this syndrome. Of the 40 new patients, 19 had interstitial del(15q), one had an apparently(More)
Improvement of microbial strains for the over-production of industrial products has been the hallmark of all commercial fermentation processes. Conventionally, strain improvement has been achieved through mutation, selection, or genetic recombination. Over-production of primary or secondary metabolites is a complex process, and successful development of(More)
Strain A83543, recently identified asSaccharopolyspora spinosa, was cultured in a variety of media to optimize macrolide titer. Response surface methodology (RSM) was used to improve the fermentation medium and to characterize the microorganism's response to systematic variations in medium composition. Three sequential RSM studies on wild-type A83543 and(More)
Raloxifene, also known as Evista®, has recently been approved for the prevention of osteoporosis. Three glucuronidated compounds: raloxifene-6-glucuronide, raloxifene-27-glucuronide, and raloxifene-6,27-diglucuronide are known metabolites of raloxifene in man. Reference standards of the three glucuronides were needed for clinical trials. Although chemical(More)
Second generation BrdU-labeled acrocentric chromosomes exhibit NOR lateral asymmetry (NLA) in metaphases that have been sequentially stained with silver and the Hoechst-Giemsa sister chromatid differential (SCD) technique. The NLA presumably results from suppression of NOR activity in the doubly-substituted chromatid. Examination of single chromatid (NOR)(More)
Clinic-based and epidemiological studies demonstrate a strong association between obesity and obstructive sleep apnea. However, defining the causal relationship between excess body weight and sleep-disordered breathing remains difficult. Potential mechanisms to be considered include: (1) alterations in upper airway structure; (2) alterations in upper airway(More)
An analytical procedure, based on the concept that exposure of bacteria to antibiotics will result in the selection of a resistant population, was developed. Two strains of enteric bacteria, Escherichia coli CS-1 and Enterobacter cloacae B520, which are sensitive to a wide variety of antibiotics, were used as the test organisms. E. coli CS-1 were exposed to(More)
An infant with macular dysfunction, cleft lip and palate, and developmental delay was shown to have an inverted duplication of 11p11.3 leads to p14.1 on the basis of meiotic recombination subsequent to an intrachromosomal "shift" in his mother. A half-sister had previously been shown [3] to have the reciprocal recombinant with resultant deletion of 11p11.3(More)
BACKGROUND Postoperative pneumonia is the most prevalent of all hospital-acquired infections after isolated coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG). Accurate prediction of a patient's risk of this morbid complication is hindered by its low relative incidence. In an effort to support clinical decision making and quality improvement, we developed a(More)