Raymond J Robbins

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Twenty-six mother-child dyads played together in a laboratory setting. Play sessions were surreptitiously videotaped (with mothers' permission), and each maternal vocalization was transcribed and coded, first into 1 of 24 categories and then ipso facto into one of three supercategories--namely, controlling, autonomy supportive, and neutral. The degree of(More)
Picosecond time dependent fluorescence depolarization has been used to study the rotational diffusion of 2,5-bis (5'-t-butyl-2-benzoxazolyi) thiophene (BBOT) in cyclohexane and ethanol. The measured rotational correlation times were: 180 i 30 ps (cyclohexane) and 210 * 30 ps (ethanol)_ These results are in agreement with those predicted from hydrody-namics(More)
Picosecond time-resolved fluorescence studies of 8-anilino-1-naphthalenesulfonic acid (A N S) have been carried out in a water-ethanol mixed-solvent system. Combined with quantum yield results, these data provide further insight into the nonradiative processes that can take place in this interesting fluorescence probe molecule. In a mixed solvent, the(More)
Streak camera detection has been used to determine the temporal characteristics of pulses from Nd:phosphate glass used as a mode-locked laser oscillator and as an amplifier. The frequency doubled pulses are not transform limited (za~, = 46 cm-t , At = 6 ps). The fourth harmonic has a spectral bandwidth of 11 cm-J and is tunable across the full bandwidth of(More)
constant for internal return in 70% dioxane is estimated to be 40 times larger than k4. The fact that k4 is an apparent dissociation rate constant for an oriented complex held together by secondary valence forces makes it impossible to accurately compare k4 to the limiting values for internal return (k-,). The observation of a large isotope effect of 15%(More)
Stimulated emission from organic dyes provides us with the potential for producing tunable, short pulsed lasers. Stimulated emission can also interfere in the measurement of excited state lifetimes of dyes when excited by intense picosecond pulses. Tie-resolved measurements of the emission from several organic dyes as a function of excitation intensity have(More)
Pïcosecond time dependent fluorescente depolarization has been used to measure the rotational diff=sion time of 3,3'iliethyloxadicarjocyanine iodide (DODCI) in solution at 293 K: the stable form of DODCI was shown to have a " coiled " form, the cis,&-1 ,%conformation, whereas the photoisomer formed bu tiradiating DODCI in solution was shown to be tbe(More)
OBJECTIVE To use admission inpatient glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) testing to help investigate the prevalence of unrecognized diabetes, the cumulative prevalence of unrecognized and known diabetes, and the prevalence of poor glycemic control in both. Moreover, we aimed to determine the 6-month outcomes for these patients. Finally, we aimed to assess the(More)
The variable white mutation arose spontaneously in 1983 within a laboratory stock of wild-type deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus). The original mutant animal was born to a wild-type pair that had previously produced several entirely wild-type litters. Other variable white animals were bred from the initial individual. Variable white deer mice exhibit(More)
AIMS The prevalence of diabetes is rising, and people with diabetes have higher rates of musculoskeletal-related comorbidities. HbA1c testing is a superior option for diabetes diagnosis in the inpatient setting. This study aimed to (i) demonstrate the feasibility of routine HbA1c testing to detect the presence of diabetes mellitus, (ii) to determine the(More)