Raymond J. Holt

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Reach-to-grasp movements change quantitatively in a lawful (i.e. predictable) manner with changes in object properties. We explored whether altering object texture would produce qualitative changes in the form of the precontact movement patterns. Twelve participants reached to lift objects from a tabletop. Nine objects were produced, each with one of three(More)
We propose to measure the magnetic form factor of the neutron using the 11 GeV electron beam in the upgraded CEBAF and CLAS12 detector. The measurement will cover the range Q 2 = 2 − 14 GeV 2. The neutron's magnetic form factor is one of the fundamental quantities of nuclear physics and its value is an important constraint for the newly-developed(More)
Current methods of measuring gross motor abilities in children involve either high-cost specialist apparatus that is unsuitable for use in schools, or low-cost but nonoptimal observational measures. We describe the development of a low-cost system that is capable of providing high-quality objective data for the measurement of head movements and postural(More)
The neural systems responsible for postural control are separate from the neural substrates that underpin control of the hand. Nonetheless, postural control and eye-hand coordination are linked functionally. For example, a stable platform is required for precise manual control tasks (e.g. handwriting) and thus such skills often cannot develop until the(More)
The inclusive A(e,eЈ) cross section for xӍ1 was measured on 2 H, C, Fe, and Au for momentum transfers Q 2 from 1 to 6.8 ͑GeV/c) 2. The scaling behavior of the data was examined in the region of transition from y scaling to x scaling. Throughout this transitional region, the data exhibit ␰ scaling, reminiscent of the Bloom-Gilman duality seen in free nucleon(More)
Design and Sociology are disciplines that rarely interact, but both share significant common concerns, particularly when it comes to matters of inclusivity and " designing out " exclusion. While some of the qualitative methods used in sociology are already a common part of studying user interactions with products, this paper argues that further benefits(More)
A separation of the longitudinal and transverse 12 C(e,eЈp) cross sections in the quasifree region has been performed in parallel kinematics at Q 2 of 0.64 and 1.8 GeV 2 for initial proton momentum Ͻ80 MeV. The separated transverse and longitudinal spectral functions at Q 2 ϭ0.64 GeV 2 show significant differences for missing energy between 25 and 60 MeV(More)
Old age is associated with reduced mobility of the hand. To investigate age related decline when reaching-to-lift an object we used sophisticated kinematic apparatus to record reaches carried out by healthy older and younger participants. Three objects of different widths were placed at three different distances, with objects having either a high or low(More)