Raymond J. G. M. Florax

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Wetlands are highly productive ecosystems, providing a number of goods and services that are of value to people. The open-access nature and the public-good characteristics of wetlands often result in these regions being undervalued in decisions relating to their use and conservation. There is now a substantial literature on wetland valuation, including two(More)
Recent empirical work in the obesity literature has highlighted the role of the built environment and its potential influence in the increasing prevalence of obesity in adults and children. One feature of the built environment that has gained increasing attention is the role of access to chain grocers and their impact on body mass index (BMI). The(More)
This paper presents a new method of assessing the relationship between features of the built environment and obesity, particularly in urban areas. Our empirical application combines georeferenced data on the location of fast-food restaurants with data about personal health, behavioral, and neighborhood characteristics. We define a 'local food environment'(More)
This paper identifies pivotal factors behind individual decision-making in the transition from high school to post-secondary education in the Netherlands. We apply a multinomial logit framework to individual data on post-secondary education choices. Specifically, our modeling approach accommodates two types of effects that have not received ample attention(More)
Several states and local communities have started to experiment with policy initiatives that affect the built-up environment in an attempt to decrease the prevalence of obesity. The focus of these policy measures has generally been to eliminate geographical disparities in access to food. Recent policy proposals include the use of zoning laws to create a(More)
A 3-year case study was undertaken of how North American farmers use yield monitors for on-farm trials in farm management decision making. Case study methods were used because relatively few farmers quantitatively analyze yield monitor data. At this early research stage, insufficient farm management information about the data was available to ask the right(More)
This paper applies an ANOVA-type of meta-analysis to the evaluation of agri-environmental policy in the European Union. Meta-analysis is concerned with the statistical analysis of previous research results, and has become an established technique in the medical and natural science. The paper investigates whether specific conditions, under which(More)
Costs of accidents make up an important part of the total external cost of traffic. A substantial proportion of accident costs is related to fatal accidents. In the evaluation of fatal accident costs the availability of an estimate of the economic value of a statistical life is pivotal. We present an overview of the empirical literature on the value of(More)
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