Raymond Hamel

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In faith-based healthcare, the scope of ethics reaches beyond clinical ethics-which, up to now, has been its primary focus-to encompass the entire culture of the organization and all its relationships. Consequently, sustained attention to ethics contributes to the life of, and adds value to, the organization. Ethics' role is to articulate the beliefs and(More)
During the last years native chemical ligation (NCL) gained in popularity as a method allowing the chemical synthesis of large peptides and entire proteins. NCL is particularly well-suited for chemoselective and nondenaturing attachment of biomolecules on solid substrates. In the present work, we show the feasibility of monitoring of peptide synthesis, NCL(More)
Fr. O'Rourke is professor of bioethics, Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola I 'mra-sity Chicago; Fr. Kopfen steiner is associate professor, 'Lheo/ojjy Department, Lordham University, Bronx, NT; and Dr. Hatnel is senior director. Ethics, CHA. C atholics engaged in health care t h r o u g h o u t the centur ies have always sought to minister in the spirit of(More)
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