Raymond H Wimmers

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BACKGROUND It is well-known that the number of physical therapy treatment sessions varies over treatment episodes. Information is lacking, however, on the source and explanation of the variation. The purposes of the current study are: 1) to determine how the variance in the number of physical therapy treatment sessions in patients with non-specific low back(More)
The purpose of this study is to explore adherence by Dutch physiotherapists to the physiotherapists' guideline for non-specific low back pain. For this study data from the National Information Service for Allied Health Care were used. This is a registration network that continuously collects information about physiotherapy patients and their treatment(More)
Hand-head contacts were observed by means of serial ultrasound recordings in 10 healthy fetuses from 12 to 38 weeks of gestational age. Contacts were distinguished as being unimanual or bimanual, and if unimanual, whether they were made with the right or left hand. Both types of contact and ones made unimanually with the right or left hand were identified(More)
A longitudinal study was conducted to examine the hypothesis that the development of prehension during the first 5 months of life is characterized by the presence of a discontinuous phase transition. Ten infants were observed weekly from 8 to 24 weeks of age. Video recordings were made of movements toward an attractive object which were classified according(More)
The spontaneous arm movements of 28 healthy full-term newborn infants were observed for 1 min in four different environmental conditions: each infant was placed in a vertical position in a bathtub filled with water with the water level up to her or his neck in a vertical position in water with the water level up to her or his waist in a supine position out(More)
The purpose of the study was to show that the change from reaching without grasping to reaching with grasping during the first 6 months of life carried the characteristics of a discontinuous phase transition (catastrophe). A cross-sectional study was carried out with 58 infants between 60 and 408 days old. The infants were seated in a specially designed(More)
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