Raymond H. Myers

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This paper presents some experimental design strategies for simulation studies involving the estimation of quadratic response surfaces. Optimal design plans are developed in four common second-order design classes (central composite, Box-Behnken, three-level factorial, and small composite designs) using a criterion which incorporates both the bias and(More)
Simulation metamodels find apphcation m the study of complex systems that cannot be solved analytically. These metamodels represent efficient tools for studying the characteristics of the more comphcated simulation model, provide needed insight into the problems of computer model validation and verification, and allow for the prediction of both system(More)
A procedure is developed for the construction of sequential simulation designs for the estimation of first-and second-order response surface met amodela. The first stage of experimentation involves the use of a fractional two-level factorial design augmented with replicated center points. Information obtained from this experimental design is used to(More)
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