Raymond H Murray

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SUMMARY To examine possible racial differences in the relationship between urinary sodium excretion (UNaV) and blood pressure in whites and blacks, and to characterize cardiovascular, renal and humoral responses, we studied 14 normotensive men (seven white and seven black) at six levels of sodium intake from 10-1500 mEq/24 hrs. Systolic and diastolic(More)
Two patients with severe postural hypotension associated with upper motor neuron and cerebellar impairment (Shy-Drager syndrome) have been studied. Head-up tilt and lower body negative pressure application caused marked falls in arterial pressure; in one patient, paradoxical vasodilatation was observed. Ice application did not increase arterial pressure or(More)
To estimate the size of the actively circulating blood volume of splenectomized dogs during control conditions and after endotoxin infusion, the pattern of concentration changes of 51Cr-labeled erythrocytes and 125I-labeled albumin was monitored. A dual exponential equation was fitted to the data. The total red blood cell and albumin volumes of distribution(More)
Fourteen normotensive men (7 black, 7 white) were studied following equilibration during dietary sodium intake of 10, 300, 600, 800, 1200, and 1500 mEq sodium per day. Significant (p less than 0.05) increases in mean arterial blood pressure were seen after sodium intake of 800 mEq/d. Blood pressure increased at lower levels of sodium intake (800 mEq/d) and(More)