Raymond H. Curry

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OBJECTIVE To assess physician-patient communication patterns associated with use of an electronic medical record (EMR) system in an outpatient setting and provide an empirical foundation for larger studies. DESIGN An exploratory, observational study involving analysis of videotaped physician-patient encounters, questionnaires, and medical-record reviews.(More)
A 2014 external review of medical schools in Israel identified several issues of importance to the nation's health. This paper focuses on three inter-related policy-relevant topics: planning the physician and healthcare workforce to meet the needs of Israel's population in the 21(st) century; enhancing the coordination and efficiency of medical education(More)
in electronic medical record (EMR) technology have made it possible for the EMR to replace many functions of the traditional paper chart, and use of EMR systems promises significant advances in patient care. 1 While the promise is compelling, it is also important to consider unanticipated effects that may be associated with EMR use. For instance, any(More)
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