Raymond G. Lovey

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In the search for a second generation HCV protease inhibitor, molecular modeling studies of the X-ray crystal structure of Boceprevir1 bound to the NS3 protein suggest that expansion into the S4(More)
The structures of both the native holo-HCV NS3/4A protease domain and the protease domain with a serine 139 to alanine (S139A) mutation were solved to high resolution. Subsequently, structures were(More)
HCV infection affects more than 170 million people worldwide and many of those patients will reach the end stage complications of the disease which include hepatocarcinoma and liver failure. The(More)
A series of 9-[(aminoalkyl)thio]-9H-xanthenes (3-6) and 5-[(aminoalkyl)thio]-5H-[1]benzopyrano[2,3-b]pyridines (7-10) possessing gastric antisecretory activity in the rat and dog is described Many of(More)