Raymond G. Duncan

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TCP/IP and World-Wide-Web (WWW) technology have become the universal standards for networking and delivery of information. Personal digital assistants (PDAs), cellular telephones, and alphanumeric pagers are rapidly converging on a single pocket device that will leverage wireless TCP/IP networks and WWW protocols and can be used to deliver clinical(More)
CONTEXT Health care providers have expressed increasing interest in incorporating digital images of gross pathology specimens and photomicrographs in routine pathology reports. OBJECTIVE To describe the multiple technical and logistical challenges involved in the integration of the various components needed for the development of a system for integrated(More)
The authors will demonstrate the comprehensive web based viewing system for clinical and administrative data in widespread use in the Cedars-Sinai Health System. This system encompasses over a dozen disparate systems of varying ages, each of which originally had a unique user interface. The clinical viewing system is called Web/VS and is assessable from 400(More)
Many of the benefits of computerized physician order entry (CPOE) stem from its ability to support medical decision-making and error-reduction during patient care. This automated "intelligence" is typically represented by a network of rules. We describe a taxonomic representation of clinical decision-support rules in the context of developing and(More)
The advent of the World-Wide-Web protocols and client-server technology has made it easy to build low-cost, user-friendly, platform-independent graphical user interfaces to health information systems and to integrate the presentation of data from multiple systems. The authors describe a Web interface for a clinical data repository (CDR) that was moved from(More)
Although the demand for use of information technology within the healthcare industry is intensifying, relatively little has been written about guidelines to optimize IT investments. A technology architecture is a set of guidelines for technology integration within an enterprise. The architecture is a critical tool in the effort to control information(More)