Raymond E Webster

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Traumatic experience symptomatology, resiliency factors, and stress among young adults who had experienced alcoholism within their family of origin were assessed in comparison to adults who as children experienced traumatic life events other than alcoholism and those who indicated neither problem (parental alcoholism or traumatic life event) during their(More)
This study compared differences in performance on the WISC-III and on the WISC-R. Sixty-one students with learning impairments, due for reevaluation of their special education placement, were administered the WISC-III as part of a psychological assessment battery. Results indicate a mean difference between WISC-R and WISC-III FSIQ of 7.95 points, which is(More)
The current study assessed locus of control, general level of life satisfaction, and self-reported grade-point averages among adults who had experienced either alcoholism within the family of origin, traumatic life events other than alcoholism, or who indicated neither problem during their childhood. Results indicated that both the adult children of(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the number of and reasons for rapid sequence inductions done by accident and emergency (A&E) doctors out of hospital as part of the activities of the MEDIC 1 Flying Squad. "Rapid sequence induction" was defined as any attempted endotracheal intubation accompanied by use of drugs to assist intubation and ventilation, including opiates,(More)
Examined the utility of the WAIS OA, BD, PIQ and FSIQ scores in combination with age, apparent degree of emotional severity and psychiatric disability in predicting the vocational success of 180 psychiatric outpatients. Although no significant statistical differences were obtained in a cros-validation procedure indicating that psychiatric disability(More)
Hypertension is common following coronary artery bypass surgery. The safety of labetalol, a recently released combined alpha-1 and beta-adrenergic blocking agent for treatment of hypertension in this clinical situation is controversial. The authors compared the hemodynamic effects of labetalol with those of sodium nitroprusside (SNP) in 91 patients with(More)
1. A group of psychiatric inpatients followed plans to participate in leisure activities after discharge at significantly higher levels when treated with classes and written contracts; or classes, written contracts, and musical entertainment; rather than with classes alone. 2. Inpatient classes for psychiatric patients should be coupled with other(More)