Raymond E Gangarosa

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To assess the impact of anti-vaccine movements that targeted pertussis whole-cell vaccines, we compared pertussis incidence in countries where high coverage with diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccines (DTP) was maintained (Hungary, the former East Germany, Poland, and the USA) with countries where immunisation was disrupted by anti-vaccine movements (Sweden,(More)
The process of creating MR images frequently gives rise to artifacts in the final display. Many artifacts may be corrected or ameliorated through an understanding of their cause. This requires familiarity with scanner design; theory of operation; and image acquisition, generation, and display. Some artifacts are obvious, totally degrading the image; others(More)
We investigated the MR appearance and incidence of low-signal areas within the CSF of the spinal canal. Nonuniform areas of decreased signal intensity in intracranial CSF have been named the CSF flow-void sign (CFVS) and appear to be due to spin dephasing secondary to pulsatile CSF motion. Similar areas are seen in the spinal canal. The MR scans of 50(More)
We investigated the MR imaging appearance of flowing cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the brain in the presence of obstructive lesions of the ventricular pathways. The pulsatile movement of CSF through the ventricular system is seen as an area of low signal intensity that has been termed the CSF flow-void sign (CFVS). This is best appreciated in areas of(More)
The Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI), set up in 1974, has been one of the largest and best documented public health programmes in history. The present report seeks to fill a gap on the EPI bookshelf by documenting an underreported phenomenon in developing countries, namely, the rise of antivaccination campaigns mounted against vaccination. The(More)
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