Raymond D'Souza

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OBJECTIVES:To assess whether insulin resistance is associated with liver fibrosis in a group of patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and whether there were any differences in insulin resistance between Asians and the indigenous Caucasian population. Secondly, to assess whether insulin resistance is associated with sustained virological(More)
A gastrosplenic fistula is a rare complication of gastric and splenic lymphomas which can occur spontaneously or secondary to chemotherapy. We report a case of a spontaneous gastrosplenic fistula secondary to a diffuse splenic large B cell lymphoma in a previously well 43-year-old patient. CT imaging demonstrated the fistula, which was subsequently managed(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Approximately 20% of hepatitis C virus (HCV) patients develop cirrhosis from infection after about 20 years. The proportion of patients developing cirrhosis for longer than 30 years after infection is unknown. Our objectives were to determine the prevalence of HCV-related cirrhosis in a population of Asian patients who were infected in(More)
BACKGROUND In August 2002, the Department of Health (DH) wrote to all general practitioners (GPs) in England about hepatitis C, enclosing an educational booklet. AIM To assess hepatitis C knowledge among East London GPs in June 2003. DESIGN Postal questionnaire and face-to-face interviews. METHODS A questionnaire was mailed to 250 (South-East) and 600(More)
BACKGROUND Significant diversity in disease severity has been identified for autoimmune disorders among different ethnic groups. Current knowledge of both the natural history and management of autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) has been derived from European or Japanese patients, and there is limited information about the disease in patients from other ethnic(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic infection with the hepatitis C virus affects over 170 million individuals worldwide and 20% of patients develop cirrhosis after 20 years. Increased iron stores and hepatic iron content have been suggested to be important in fibrosis progression. The increased prevalence of diabetes mellitus has been associated with increased iron deposits(More)
We report a case of neurogenic pulmonary oedema occurring in association with bacterial meningitis. An 87 year old man suddenly developed severe dyspnoea without cardiac failure (MUGA scan ejection fraction 47%). Radiographs showed pulmonary oedema. A few hours later he developed signs of meningitis and lumbar puncture suggested a partially treated(More)