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Ochratoxin-A (OTA) is a fungal metabolite with potential toxic effects on the central nervous system that have not yet been fully characterized. OTA has complex mechanisms of action that include evocation of oxidative stress, bioenergetic compromise, inhibition of protein synthesis, production of DNA single-strand breaks and formation of OTA-DNA adducts.(More)
Propoxyphene and morphine lowered hepatic glutathione and increased serum glutamic-pyruvic transaminase (SGPT) activity when administered to male mice. Maximal changes were seen at 3 to 6 hr after administration, but the effects lasted for as long as 18 hr. Morphine-induced hepatic changes potentiated both acetaminophen and cocaine-induced hepatotoxicity.(More)
In recent years there has been an increase in the use of traditional Asian medicines. It is estimated that 30% of the US population is currently using some form of homeopathic or alternative therapy at a total cost of over $13 billion annually. Herbal medications are claimed and widely believed to be beneficial; however, there have been reports of acute and(More)
The use in the past, and to a lesser extent today, of chrysotile asbestos in automobile brake systems causes health concerns among professional mechanics. Therefore, we conducted four separate tests in order to evaluate an auto mechanic's exposure to airborne asbestos fibers while performing routine brake maintenance. Four nearly identical automobiles from(More)
Five test sessions were conducted to assess asbestos exposure during the removal or installation of asbestos-containing gaskets on vehicles. All testing took place within an operative automotive repair facility involving passenger cars and a pickup truck ranging in vintage from late 1960s through 1970s. A professional mechanic performed all shop work(More)
Asbestos containing materials are a component of many vehicle brake systems, including those found in some light aircraft. To characterize the asbestos exposure that results from the installation and maintenance of these components, an aircraft fitted with asbestos containing brake pads had brake changes performed while both area and personal air samples(More)
Risk estimates for contaminants in soil are currently calculated assuming that concentrations remain unchanged over time. In reality, biological and physicochemical processes can substantially diminish contaminant concentrations in soil. For exposure periods typically evaluated in USEPA risk assessments, failure to consider the decline in contaminant levels(More)
The effects of cold-restraint as a physiological stressor on the glutathione (GSH) content of the liver and other tissues were examined in male mice. Mice of the ICR, NIH, ND/4, and B6C3F1 strains subjected to cold-restraint for 2 or 3 h experienced a loss of hepatic GSH concentrations ranging from approximately 15 to 50%. Though 3 of these strains (ICR,(More)
Adriamycin (ADR) has been shown to produce free radicals in NADPH microsomal systems, to increase oxygen consumption of both hepatic microsomes and heart sarcosomes and to stimulate superoxide formation in cardiac, submitochondria particles. These reactive products could produce the cardiotoxicity of ADR by oxidizing various membrane structures, especially(More)
Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 (PARP-1) is a nuclear enzyme involved in the detection of DNA strand termini. Extensive cellular damage can overactivate PARP-1, which rapidly depletes the cellular stores of NAD+ and ATP, resulting in necrotic cell death. The purpose of the present study was to determine whether 6(5H)-phenanthridinone, a potent inhibitor of(More)