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Kathryn Lord2
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Barking is most often associated with the domestic dog Canis familiaris, but it is a common mammalian and avian vocalization. Like any vocalization, the acoustic character of the bark is likely to be a product of adaptation as well as an expression of the signaler's internal motivational state. While most authors recognize that the bark is a distinct signal(More)
SuperDuperWalker is a software-based framework for experiments on the evolution of locomotion. It simulates the behavior of evolving agents in a 3D physical simulation environment and displays this behavior graphically in real time. A genetic algorithm controls the evolution of the agents. Students manipulate parameters with a graphical user interface and(More)
  • Alain Boissy, Kathryn Lord, Raymond Coppinger, Lorna Coppinger, Heng wei Cheng, Anna V. Kukekova +3 others
  • 2016
Description: Behavior is shaped by both genetics and experience-nature and nurture. This book synthesizes research from behavioral genetics and animal and veterinary science, bridging the gap between these fields. The objective is to show that principles of behavioral genetics have practical applications to agricultural and companion animals. The continuing(More)
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