Raymond Chow

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BACKGROUND Most early stage kidney cancers are renal cell carcinomas (RCCs), and most are diagnosed incidentally by imaging as small renal masses (SRMs). Indirect evidence suggests that most small RCCs grow slowly and rarely metastasize. OBJECTIVE To determine the progression and growth rates for newly diagnosed SRMs stratified by needle core biopsy(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the prevalence and pattern of impacted teeth and associated pathologies in the Hong Kong Chinese population. SETTING The Reception and Primary Care Clinic, Prince Philip Dental Hospital, Hong Kong. DESIGN Retrospective study. SUBJECTS AND METHODS The records of 7486 patients were examined to determine whether the chief(More)
The overexpression of the Mcl-1 protein in cancerous cells results in the sequestering of Bak, a key component in the regulation of normal cell apoptosis. Our investigation of the ability of marine-derived small-molecule natural products to inhibit this protein-protein interaction led to the isolation of several bioactive oxy-polyhalogenated diphenyl(More)
In a patient with temporomandibular disorder who does not respond to conservative treatment, treatment with intra-articular injection of high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate can be suggested. In our study, 27 patients with nonreduced disc displacement were diagnosed clinically and confirmed by magnetic resonance imaging. The age range was from 21 to 63(More)
Intravenous immunoglobulins (IVIG) use in the management of streptococcal toxic shock syndrome remains highly controversial. To evaluate the current management of severe group A streptococcal infections and the feasibility of a randomized controlled trial comparing immunoglobulins versus placebo for streptococcal toxic shock syndrome and/or necrotizing(More)
Patients with HIV infection or AIDS often receive several medications for treatment or prevention of their primary disease and/or associated complications. The objective of this study was to document patterns of drug use in an HIV-positive, outpatient population. Data were collected via one-on-one interviews with 26 HIV-positive patients; prescription and(More)
A randomized controlled clinical trial was conducted to compare the use of bioresorbable and titanium mini-plates and screws in Le Fort I maxillary osteotomies for evaluation of clinical morbidity and stability. Forty patients requiring Le Fort I osteotomies were randomly assigned to two groups. One group underwent bioresorbable mini-plate fixation and the(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the functionality of eKidney as a structured reporting tool in operative note generation. To do this, we compared completeness and timeliness of eKidney template-generated nephrectomy OR notes with standard narrative dictation. METHODS A group of academic uro-oncologists and medical informaticians at the(More)
INTRODUCTION Most small renal masses (SRMs) are diagnosed incidentally and have a low malignant potential. As more elderly patients and infirm patients are diagnosed with SRMs, there is an increased interest in active surveillance (AS) with delayed intervention. Patient and tumour characteristics relating to aggressive disease have not been well-studied.(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the present study was to describe immediate functional loading of completely edentulous maxillas and mandibles by fixed provisional prostheses and to compare cumulative survival rates between maxillas and mandibles. Contributing factors including implant diameter, system, configuration, type of abutment connections, position of implants,(More)