Raymond Chiong

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Evolutionary computation (EC), a collective name for a range of metaheuristic black-box optimization algorithms, is one of the fastest-growing areas in computer science. Many manuals and “how-to”s on the use of different EC methods as well as a variety of free or commercial software libraries are widely available nowadays. However, when one of these methods(More)
The industrial sector is one of the largest energy consumers in the world. To alleviate the grid's burden during peak hours, time-of-use (TOU) electricity pricing has been implemented in many countries around the globe to encourage manufacturers to shift their electricity usage from peak periods to off-peak periods. In this paper, we study the unrelated(More)
Dynamic function optimisation is an important research area because many real-world problems are inherently dynamic in nature. Over the years, a wide variety of algorithms have been proposed to solve dynamic optimisation problems, and many of these algorithms have used the Moving Peaks (MP) benchmark to test their own capabilities against other approaches.(More)
13 Selection of input features plays an important role in developing models for short14 term load forecasting (STLF). Previous studies along this line of research have focused 15 pre-dominantly on filter and wrapper methods. Given the potential value of a hybrid 16 selection scheme that includes both filter and wrapper methods in constructing an 17(More)
Genetic Algorithms (GA) and Evolutionary Programming (EP) are two well-known optimization methods that belong to the class of Evolutionary Algorithms (EA). Both methods have generally been recognized to have successfully solved many problems in recent years, especially with respect to engineering and industrial problems. Even though they are two different(More)
Submarine search-evasion path planning aims to acquire an evading route for a submarine so as to avoid the detection of hostile anti-submarine searchers such as helicopters, aircraft and surface ships. In this paper, we propose a numerical optimization model of search-evasion path planning for invading submarines. We use the Artificial Bee Colony (ABC)(More)
This paper presents an implementation on modelling the database security using agent-based simulation (ABS). While ABS has been widely used for social simulations since the 1990s, not many previous studies have tried simulating scenarios in more technical domains and it is the main objective of this work to fill in the gap. We develop a database security(More)
Protein structure prediction is a fundamental issue in the field of computational molecular biology. In this paper, the AB off-lattice model is adopted to transform the original protein structure prediction scheme into a numerical optimization problem. We present a balance-evolution artificial bee colony (BE-ABC) algorithm to address the problem, with the(More)