Raymond C. Boston

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The Bergman Minimal Model enables estimation of two key indices of glucose/insulin dynamics: glucose effectiveness and insulin sensitivity. In this paper we describe MINMOD Millennium, the latest Windows-based version of minimal model software. Extensive beta testing of MINMOD Millennium has shown that it is user-friendly, fully automatic, fast, accurate,(More)
BACKGROUND Recent results from animal studies suggest that stem cells may be able to home to sites of myocardial injury to assist in tissue regeneration. However, the histological interpretation of postmortem tissue, on which many of these studies are based, has recently been widely debated. METHODS AND RESULTS With the use of the high sensitivity of a(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether the Canine Brief Pain Inventory (CBPI) can detect changes in dogs with osteoarthritis treated with an NSAID or a placebo. DESIGN Double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial. ANIMALS 70 dogs with osteoarthritis. PROCEDURES Owners completed the CBPI on day 0. Dogs received carprofen or a placebo on days 1(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop proxies calculated from basal plasma glucose and insulin concentrations that predict insulin sensitivity (SI; L.min(-1) x mU(-1)) and beta-cell responsiveness (ie, acute insulin response to glucose [AIRg]; mU/L x min(-1)) and to determine reference quintiles for these and minimal model variables. ANIMALS 1 laminitic pony and 46(More)
Insulin resistance is considered a risk factor in obesity, laminitis, exertional rhabdomyolysis, and osteochondrosis. The objective was to use the minimal model to estimate glucose effectiveness (Sg) and insulin sensitivity (Si) in nonobese to obese horses initially adapted to forage only, then adapted to forage plus supplements rich in starch and sugar(More)
Circadian timing is generated through a unique series of autoregulatory interactions termed the molecular clock. Behavioral rhythms subject to the molecular clock are well characterized. We demonstrate a role for Bmal1 and Clock in the regulation of glucose homeostasis. Inactivation of the known clock components Bmal1 (Mop3) and Clock suppress the diurnal(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop and psychometrically test an owner self-administered questionnaire designed to assess severity and impact of chronic pain in dogs with osteoarthritis. SAMPLE POPULATION 70 owners of dogs with osteoarthritis and 50 owners of clinically normal dogs. PROCEDURES Standard methods for the stepwise development and testing of instruments(More)
OBJECTIVE Review the literature for single site cartilage defect research and evaluate the respective strengths and weaknesses of different preclinical animal models. METHOD A literature search for animal models evaluating single site cartilage defects was performed. Variables tabulated and analyzed included animal species, age and number, defect depth(More)
Using both a continuous infusion of isotopically labeled [1-13C]galactose with a steady-state analysis and a single injection kinetic approach, we have calculated the apparent galactose appearance rate (GAR) in patients with galactose-1-phosphate uridyltransferase deficiency and control subjects. With the steady-state protocol, the GAR in 18 patients less(More)
The highly polyunsaturated fatty acids in fish oils lower the plasma triglyceride concentration. We have studied the effect of a diet rich in fish oil on the rate of production of the triglyceride-transporting very low density lipoprotein (VLDL). Seven subjects, five normal and two with hypertriglyceridemia received up to 30% of daily energy needs from a(More)