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There are many distinct differences (morphologic, physiologic, and mechanical) between the bird's lung-air-sac respiratory system and the mammalian bronchoalveolar lung. In this paper, we review the physiology of the avian respiratory system with attention to those mechanisms that may lead to significantly different results, relative to those in mammals,(More)
We encountered a dead southern black racer snake (Coluber constrictor priapus) coiled around a dead Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus). We suggest the owl was strangled by the snake before the snake died of wounds inflicted by the owl. There are previous reports of intense physical struggle between Great Horned Owls (and other raptors) and large(More)
Reports of subluxation of the medial head of the triceps tendon over the medial epicondyle are rare. This may be associated with symptomatic ulnar nerve compression at the elbow. We report a case of bilateral snapping triceps tendon after bilateral ulnar nerve release at the elbow with anterior submuscular transposition. Careful inspection of the triceps(More)
Introduction There is a need for design researchers to move beyond the limitations of subjective interpretations of 'design and emotion' and explore the use of new tools and multi-modal methods in the objective measurement of human experience. Love (2004) identifies epistemological contradictions in design theory and proposes that a research programme based(More)
Teaching is often viewed as an adult activity focused on promoting student learning through controlling and directing student attention and behaviour within well defined institutional constraints. Collective Argumentation challenges this view by situating teaching within a sociocultural process of promoting student learning through participation in the ways(More)
An important aspect of bringing about change in the mathematics classroom is gauging the efficacy of the change in bringing about learning that has application outside the school classroom. The research reported in this paper is situated within an ongoing study where over 20 teachers of mathematics in the middle years of schooling are using the practices of(More)
Pedagogies designed to enable collaborative learning, position students on a more equal footing with each other in a manner that facilitates the evaluation of the worth of competing ideas and the co-construction of understanding. However, teachers are often reluctant to implement these collaborative ways of knowing and doing in the classroom as they are(More)
A technique of delayed extensor tendon reconstruction and centralization using a palmaris longus tendon graft is presented. The tendon graft is woven through the base of the proximal phalanx and up and over the reconstructed extensor tendon to simulate the natural sagittal bands. As described, the technique allows gliding of the extensor tendon while(More)