Raymond Bressoud

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In order to determine to what extent the terminal arbors of phylogenetically and functionally distant axons are constructed according to common rules, we have compared visual callosal axons in cats (CCC axons) with thalamocortical axons to the whisker representation in mice (MTC axons). Both similarities and differences were found. Maximal order of(More)
Endocytosis is enhanced in some cases of neuronal death. We report for the first time that intraocular injections, in chick embryos, of excitotoxic doses of kainate induce strong endocytosis in retinal amacrine cells destined to die and that even subtoxic doses can induce some degree of endocytosis. That the uptake was due to endocytosis rather than passive(More)
The corpus callosum interconnects both corresponding (homotopic) and noncorresponding (heterotopic) cortical sites of the two hemispheres. We have studied the axons that establish heterotopic connections from visual areas 17 and 18 (E axons) by using anterogradely transported biocytin and three-dimensional serial reconstructions in adult cats and in(More)
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