Raymond Binns

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Fine needle aspiration (FNA) can be used in place of open breast biopsy in most patients with primary breast cancer. This report summarizes our experience with 398 patients who had FNA of the breast. There was a total of 136 cancers, of which 100 (74%) were diagnosed by FNA. Seventy-one patients had mastectomy without frozen section. Thirteen had an(More)
Surveys were made to determine whether susceptibility to depressive illness and to myocardial infarction of people living in Wolverhampton was related to the intensity of 50 Hz magnetic field outside their homes. Comparing case with control addresses it was found that the field strength was significantly higher for depressive illness (P = 0.033) but not for(More)
This paper describes a dosimetry experiment on rats which was designed to make a contribution towards the optimisation of exposure conditions for inhalation toxicology studies with smoke aerosols. The main conclusions drawn from the work are: (i) Under continuous exposure conditions the deposition of total particulate matter (TPM) in the respiratory system(More)
Details are given of studies carried out to compare the inhalation toxicity to rats of smoke from cigarettes modified to give a range of deliveries of particulate matter. Dosimetry work showed that under conditions similar to those used for subsequent toxicity experiments, smoke particulates deposited in the lower respiratory system within the approximate(More)
In previous work on antennal gland function in Crustacea the study of reabsorption of organic materials from the urine has been confined entirely to a consideration of carbohydrates, particularly glucose. For reviews of this earlier work, see Martin (1957) and Parry (i960). In Carcinus, as in other decapods, glucose is removed by active transport from urine(More)
The mechanism by which atherosclerotic plaque causes stroke and transient ischemic attack is not fully understood. One possibility is that the plaque stenosis may set up hemodynamic conditions causing local arterial wall collapse. Arterial wall collapse may, in turn, affect the integrity of the plaque. This study was designed to define the effects of(More)
Calculations of total particulate matter (TPM) dose applied to the lungs of animals are made from experimental dosimetry data. TPM dose levels achieved in a number of species following exposure to smoke are related to body weight, lung weight and alveolar surface areas of these animals. The dosage levels achieved in animals are compared with estimate of TPM(More)
Arterial walls tend to adapt to maintain a specific wall shear stress. The formation of neointimal hyperplasia and endothelial cell healing of polytetrafluoroethylene grafts may also be governed by wall shear stress, which suggests that an optimal graft diameter may exist. To test this, 40 polytetrafluoroethylene grafts with internal diameters of 3, 6, and(More)
Rats were exposed twice daily for 6 weeks to diluted smoke derived from cigarettes with a range of deliveries of particulate matter. The inhaled smoke caused squamous metaplasia and keratinising hyperplasia in the larynx and goblet cell hyperplasia in the nasal cavity, trachea and intrapulmonary bronchus. Squamous metaplasia occurred in the larynx of almost(More)