Raymond Best

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Anterior knee pain is one of the most common causes of persistent problems after implantation of a total knee replacement. It can occur in patients with or without patellar resurfacing. As a result of the surgical procedure itself many changes can occur which may affect the delicate interplay of the joint partners in the patello-femoral joint. Functional(More)
Several inconsistent causative biomechanical factors are considered to be crucial in the occurrence of iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS). The focus of this study was on assessing differences in the kinematic characteristics between healthy runners [control group (CO)] and runners with ITBS in order to recommend treatment strategies to deal with this injury.(More)
BACKGROUND Outbreaks of norovirus can have a significant operational and financial impact on healthcare establishments. AIM To assess whether containment of symptomatic patients in single rooms and bays at the beginning and end of norovirus outbreaks reduced the length of bed closure. METHODS In 2007, we introduced a new strategy to limit the(More)
Lateral ankle sprains are common musculoskeletal injuries. The objective of this study was to perform a systematic literature review of the last 10 years regarding evidence for the treatment and prevention of lateral ankle sprains. Pubmed central, Google scholar. Meta-analysis, prospective randomized trials, English language articles. Surgical and(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the presupposed preventive residual mechanical effectiveness of the widespread use of adhesive elastic ankle tape after a nonlaboratory, realistic soccer-specific outfield intervention reflecting a soccer halftime. DESIGN A prospective nonrandomized test-retest design was used. SETTING Laboratory. PARTICIPANTS Seventeen(More)
Assessment of the Achilles tendon thickness (ATT) using B-mode ultrasound is a common technique for clinical evaluation of chronic mid-part tendinosis. Currently used image-based assessment is limited by relatively high inter- and intra-observer variability. In this study, it was tested whether a new sequence-based automated assessment of ATT provides more(More)
Medial transfer of the tibial tubercle has become a standard procedure in cases of patella instability caused by an increased tuberositas tibae-trochlear groove (TT-TG) distance. However, the TT-TG distance has always been assessed as an absolute value without taking individual joint size into consideration. It was assumed that the pathological influence of(More)
BACKGROUND The treatment of displaced intra-articular calcaneal fractures remains controversial, because of difficulties in assessing the outcome. The goal of this study, therefore, was to compare different outcome measurements with gait analysis, using dynamic pedography. METHODS Twenty patients with operatively treated displaced intra-articular(More)
Muscular deficits in the hip abductors are presumed to be a major factor in the development of Iliotibial Band Syndrome in runners. No definite relationship between muscular weakness of the hip abductors and the development of Iliotibial Band Syndrome or different ratios between hip adduction to abduction have been reported so far. Isokinetic measurements(More)
To construct and evaluate an ankle arthrometer that registers inversion joint deflection at standardized inversion loads and that, moreover, allows conclusions about the mechanical strain of intact ankle joint ligaments at these loads. Twelve healthy ankles and 12 lower limb cadaver specimens were tested in a self-developed measuring device monitoring(More)