Raymond A. Williamson

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This study reviews 29 consecutively treated patients who underwent a variety of autogenous alveolar augmentation procedures to their resorbed maxilla or mandible followed by delayed placement of Brånemark dental implants. One additional patient had frozen femoral head allogenic bone as a graft. A suggested treatment protocol is outlined for rehabilitation(More)
PURPOSE The study's purpose was to answer the following clinical question: in patients with mandibular angle fractures requiring open reduction and internal fixation, do those who have fixation screws inserted using a transbuccal approach compared with those with fixation screws inserted using a transoral approach have fewer complications after treatment?(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that 2 types of custom-made mouthguards will have no effect on ventilation (.V(E), L·min⁻¹), oxygen uptake (.VO₂, mL·kg⁻¹·min·⁻¹), and heart rate (beats per minutes) at varying exercise intensities (10 km·h⁻¹ and 12 km·h⁻¹) and at subjective maximal effort (.VO₂peak) in male field hockey and water polo players. DESIGN A(More)
THE story of the Plague of Marseilles in I720-I has been vividly described by Gaffarel and Duranty2 and the part played by the administration, the faculty of medicine, the Church, the port officials and other public bodies has been carefully and sympathetically assessed. There are, however, many aspects of this epidemic which deserve further consideration.(More)
We carried out a prospective study to assess the short- and long-term outcomes of true eminectomy in 20 consecutive patients with type III or IV anteriorly displaced discs in whom conventional conservative treatment had failed to resolve the symptoms. Maximum opening was measured preoperatively, 3-6 months postoperatively and at one year postoperatively.(More)
Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) has been used for more than 20 years to assist wound healing in the treatment of the more severe complications associated with the side effects of therapeutic radiation treatment. A prospective study was performed in an irradiated rat model to determine whether HBO is effective in reducing the long-term side effects of therapeutic(More)
A 24-year-old hospital corpsman, a volunteer in a series of dry chamber air dives to a simulated pressure equivalent to 188 FSWG (57.3 MSWG), developed left knee pain shortly after standard decompression. A tentative diagnosis of decompression sickness was made and recompression therapy was initiated with alleviation of pain occurring at 60 FSWG (18.3(More)
The author has been managing osteonecrosis of the jaws (ONJ) for more than six years. This paper will outline the dental management of patients taking bisphosphonates. This will include: 1. The predisposing factors causing ONJ, 2. Its clinical presentation, 3. Staging for the appropriate conservative and surgical management, 4. Guidelines for prevention, 5.(More)