Raymond A. Milano

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Though goniometric measurements are commonplace in the field of physical medicine, their reliability has not been adequately established. The present study examined the reliability of placing and reading a universal goniometer under controlled conditions. Two registered physical therapists each obtained repeated angular measurements on 22 separate joint(More)
In a sample of 107 patients with classic or definite rheumatoid arthritis (RA), we examined the convergent and divergent validity of measures of disability and depression. Scores on the self-report Disability index of the Health Assessment Questionnaire were highly correlated with physical therapist and spouse ratings of disability. Although Health(More)
A wideband logarithmic amplifier is demonstrated in this paper using InP-InGaAs double heterojunction bipolar transistor technology. The amplifier uses cascaded gain stages including the limiting and unity amplifiers to achieve a piecewise approximation to the ideal logarithmic response. The performance of 43-dB dynamic range, 22-GHz bandwidth, and(More)
In this work an improved large-signal transistor model is developed especially for InP DHBTs based on Agilent ADS SDD model platform. This model includes the nonlinear effects of current blocking and velocity modulation. The model is verified on Vitesse VIP2 300GHz InP/InGaAs DHBTs and the simulation results of different models are compared with measured(More)
A description is given of work to develop a prototype microcomputer that will realize the best of both the supercomputer and the microprocessor traditions. It does so by using GaAs MESFET enhancement/depletion direct-coupled FET logic, a high-speed technology that has good integration density, and state-of-the-art packaging technology to prevent chip(More)
Thin metal films ( approximately 100 A) have been studied for application to Schottky barrier solar cells (SBSC). Metal films having >55% transmission over the solar spectrum and resistance of 20 ?/? have been applied to Si to form a rectifying contact. A 9.5% sunlight efficient SBSC was produced using 50-A Cr adjacent to the Si for good adhesion and high(More)
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