Raymond A. Jarvis

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A localisation system is an essential knowledge for a mobile robot to be able to freely navigate in its world. In this paper, pose estimation and tracking of a mobile robot is presented for an indoor cluttered environment using only an overhead panoramic vision system. The method presented is fast without requiring unwrapping of the panoramic view. It is(More)
Chronic administration of antipsychotic drugs produces adaptive responses at the cellular and molecular levels that may be responsible for both the main therapeutic effects and rebound psychosis, which is often observed upon discontinuation of these drugs. Here we show that some antipsychotic drugs produce significant functional changes in serotonergic(More)
Horizon detection is a pre-cursor to vision processing in air and water robotics. This paper makes three contributions to horizon detection. First, a theoretical framework for generating pseudo spectra images (PSI), from spectrum analysis of XYZ color-space is presented. Second, wavelengths in the visible spectrum are identified, at which the PSI has(More)
The behaviour based robotics paradigm promoted by Brooks [Brooks, 1990] and others has sensitised the robotics research community to the possibility of building agile and reliable stimulus/response systems unencumbered by planning requirements. Whilst it can be argued that reasoned 'responses to stimuli are often appropriate, few can deny the value of(More)
Targets consisting of He implanted into thin aluminum foils (approximately 100, 200 or 600 μg/cm) were prepared using intense (a few μA ) helium beams at low energy (approximately 20, 40 or 100 keV). Uniformity of the implantation was achieved by a beam raster across a 12 mm diameter tantalum collimator at the rates of 0.1 Hz in the vertical direction and 1(More)
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