Raymond A. Adomaitis

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This paper discusses the development of a set of object-oriented modular simulation tools for solving lumped and spatially distributed models generated from chemical process design and simulation problems. Developed in the context of simulating semiconductor manufacture equipment, this framework reduces the software development cycle time associated with(More)
Computational techniques for representing and analyzing full wafer metrology data are developed for chemical vapor deposition and other thin-film processing applications. Spatially resolved measurement data are used to produce “virtual wafers” that are subsequently used to create response surface models for predicting the full-wafer thickness, composition,(More)
Title of Document: BIOMETHANOL CONVERSION FROM SUGAR BEET PULP Quanzeng Wang, Master of Science, 2006 Directed By: Professor Nam Sun Wang, Dept. of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Conversion of renewable biomethanol was studied from sugar beet pulp with pectin methyl esterases (PMEs). An analytical method for methanol and PME activity was developed(More)
A computational framework has been developed for step-by-step implementation of global spectral projection methods used for solving boundary-value problems and analyzing solutions produced using the numerical techniques of this framework. A set of Matlab-based functions corresponding to each step in a Galerkin discretization procedure has been developed(More)
A numerical solution procedure combining several weighted residual methods and based on global trial function expansion is developed to solve a model for the steady state gas ow eld and temperature distribution in a low-pressure chemical vapor deposition reactor. The enthalpy ux across wafer/gas boundary is calculated explicitly and is found to vary signi(More)
A framework is presented for step-by-step implementation of weighted-residual methods (MWR) for simulations that require the solution of boundary-value problems. A set of Matlab-based functions of the computationally common MWR solution steps has been developed and is used in the application of eigenfunction expansion, collocation, and Galerkin-projection(More)
A reduced-order model describing a rapid thermal chemical vapor deposition (RTCVD) process is utilized for realtime model based control for temperature uniformity across the wafer. Feedback is based on temperature measurements at selected points on the wafer surface. The feedback controller is designed using the internal model control (IMC) structure,(More)