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Current members Details of the membership of the HTA panels, the NCCHTA Advisory Group and the HTA Commissioning Board are given at the end of this report. Printed copies of HTA monographs cost £20 each (post and packing free in the UK) to both public and private sector purchasers from our Despatch Agents. Non-UK purchasers will have to pay a small fee for(More)
The incidence of bacteriuria and the risk factors related to its acquisition were determined in a prospective study of 220 hospitalized patients. Bacteriuria was recorded in 97/220 (44%) of patients, in 42 cases within 48 h (Group A) and in 55 cases more than 48 h (Group B) after catheterization. The results of a multivariate analysis of Group A(More)
An entire feeding session is videotaped at monthly intervals starting shortly after birth for a group of bottle and breast-fed infants. Mothers keep daily diaries of infants' activity and meal patterns. Several differences are apparent in the form of feeding sequence which appear characteristic of the technique. Bottle feeds are more mother-controlled in(More)
PURPOSE To assess organizational and employee participation during three community-wide worksite exercise competitions in two communities. DESIGN A one-group, posttest-only design was used. Lack of controls, exercise baseline, and the short-term nature of the interventions were limitations. SETTING The Minnesota Heart Health Program conducted annual(More)
This paper presents an analysis of the cognitive component of nursing assessment, complimenting the growth in knowledge of other important aspects of assessment. The purpose of the paper is to provide a framework for understanding how nurses structure assessment problems and the types of judgements they make. The thrust of the analysis is based on a(More)
The decisions which health care professionals make are the basis of treatment and care given. In order to evaluate effective care it seems logical to suggests that an awareness of the decisions which health care professionals make and how they make them is needed. This study examines the processes nurses use when making decisions about the health care needs(More)
Theories and models on the concept of nursing are reviewed briefly and their contribution then assessed in terms of their potential to advance the scientific basis of nursing practice. The constructs are acknowledged to have moved the focus of nursing from disease to patient need and provided different ways of looking at the nurse's contribution. Yet,(More)
This paper presents an outline of the scope for the application of decision theory to health care. Firstly, the main approaches to and assumptions of decision theory are discussed. Secondly, health care decision making is reviewed. It is noted that decision theory can be applied to either the health care professional or to the lay person. Applications of(More)