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Short certificateless signatures have come into limelight in recent years. On the one hand, the property of certificateless eliminates the certificate management problem in traditional PKI and the key-escrow problem in some ID-based signature schemes. On the other hand, due to the short signature length, short certificateless signatures can be applied to(More)
  • Raylin Tso
  • 2008 IEEE Asia-Pacific Services Computing…
  • 2008
Confidentiality and authenticity are two of the most important goals in setting a cryptographic system. A signcryption scheme, invented in 1996, is a new cryptographic primitive which can simultaneously achieve these two goals in one logical step. On the other hand, the standardization is always one of the crucial factors for practical uses for(More)
The notion of certificateless cryptography is aimed to eliminate the use of certificates in traditional public key cryptography and also to solve the key-escrow problem in identity-based cryptography. Many kinds of security models have been designed for certificateless cryptography and many new schemes have been introduced based on the correspondence of the(More)
Signcryption is a new cryptographic primitive which simultaneously provides both confidentiality and authenticity. This paper proposes an improved signcryption scheme and a variant scheme providing message recovery. The first scheme is revised from an authenticated encryption scheme which has been found to have a security-flaw. Our scheme solves the(More)