Raylene Thomas

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The Port Pirie Lead Program commenced in 1984. The abatement program involves identification of children with elevated blood lead levels, house decontamination, soil treatment, development of heavily vegetated buffer zones around the smelter, family education and support and community education. Since 1984 the smelter has also implemented substantial new(More)
The tests commonly used for the evaluation of orthodontic adhesives measure tensile and shear bond strength. The two methods were compared with finite element analysis using a three-dimensional model and the effect of misalignment of the tensile and shear forces was calculated. Applying a shear load produces significant compressive and tensile stresses in(More)
Chemical analyses revealed that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and other organic compounds were present in a perennial freshwater stream that flowed through the abandoned American Creosote Works and into Pensacola Bay, Florida. Moreover, groundwater pumped from a well depth of 21 m at a location adjacent to the site was heavily contaminated with(More)
A method of computing megavoltage dose distributions using an empirical mathematical model is described. The dose at a point in a medium is calculated as the product of a central axis percentage depth dose, a crossplot factor and a wedge factor. For a given set of conditions (i.e. type of machine, source-skin distance and wedge) 16 parameters are required(More)
Surficial and core sediments were collected from the main body of Lake Huron in 1969 and Georgian Bay and North Channel in 1973. These were analysed for organochlorine insecticides and PCB. Residues of organochlorines were higher in the twelve depositional basins in Lake Huron and Georgian Bay than in sediment in the non-depositional zones. PCB was present(More)