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Objective:We reviewed the occurrence of prematurity, low birth weight, multiple gestations, frequency of stillbirths and maternity care-associated variables including hospital stay and hospital charges of women conceiving using assisted reproductive technology (ART) or artificial insemination (AI) compared with women with a history of infertility who(More)
Results of bone marrow transplantation (BMT) in 63 adults and children with ALL transplanted in the 5-year period 1979-83 were analysed. Twenty-one patients (33%) relapsed, 25% of the group died in relapse and 19% died from complications of BMT. The actuarial disease-free survival at 6 years was 38%. Relapse after BMT could be predicted by standard(More)
Pharmacokinetics of gentamycin in the primary and secondary rabbit's aqueous was examined by using a new experimental method of subconjunctival application (without breaking the continuity of the conjunctiva). It was established that after subconjunctival application one cannot obtain any therapeutical concentrations in the primary or secondary aqueous.(More)
BACKGROUND Accidental Depo-Medrol injection into vitreous cavity is a very rare complication and early retinal detachment, associated with it, has a very poor prognosis. METHODS A case of a women, 34, treated on account of anterior uveitis, in whom during Depo-Medrol injection perforation of the eyeball was done is presented. The drug was injected into(More)
The detrimental effect of tobacco exposure prior to conception and during pregnancy has been receiving much worldwide attention. Maternal smoking during pregnancy is associated with early-onset wheezing, increased respiratory illnesses, and a 2-fold increased risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Adverse effects on the infant include altered infant(More)