Raya Leviathan

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There is a growing awareness, both in industry and academia, of the crucial role of formally proving the correctness of safety-critical components of systems. Most formal verification methods verify the correctness of a high-level representation of the system against a given specification. However, if one wishes to infer from such a verification the(More)
The paper presents a method for translation validation of a specific optimization, software pipelining optimization, used to increase the instruction level parallelism in EPIC type of architectures. Using a methodology as in [15] to establish simulation relation between source and target based on computational induction, we describe an algorithm that(More)
The paper presents an approach to the translation validation of an optimizing compiler which translates synchronous C programs into machine code programs. Being synchronous means that both source and target programs are loop free. This enables representation of each of these programs by a single state transformer, and verification of the translation(More)
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