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Pharmacokinetics and bio-distribution are crucial factors affecting the performance of an intravenous drug. In this study, we explore the combined use of glucose and polyethylene glycol (PEG) ligands to further improve gold nanoparticle (GNP) pharmacokinetics and bio-distribution, with the aim of using the drug for in-vivo radiotherapy. The inclusion of PEG(More)
In this expository article, we discuss the connection between the study of non-local operators on Euclidean space to the study of fractional GJMS operators in conformal geometry. The emphasis is on the study of a class of fourth order operators and their third order boundary operators. These third order operators are generalizations of the Dirichlet to(More)
Two-dimensional (2D) transient numerical simulations are performed to investigate the evolution of the thermal and flow fields during the growth of multi-crystalline silicon ingots with two different silicon feedstock capacities, 800 kg and 1600 kg. The simulation results show that there are differences in the structure of the melt flow. In the 1600 kg(More)
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