Ray Van De Walker

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PRN psychotropic drug use is a frequent practice on psychiatric units. This study examined medical records for patient demographics and prescribing patterns of drugs. The omission of the indication and frequency of dosing for the drug were common prescribing errors. There was no significant association between diagnosis and whether a patient received PRN(More)
Objective. 1. To identify risk factors associated with psychiatric rehospitalization within six months, using global clinical assessments and demographic information and; 2. To determine if risk factors for a hospital in a rural region are similar to those reported for urban hospitals. Method. The setting was a psychiatric unit within a general hospital.(More)
Many general practitioners are very much aware of the need for a more realistic method of assessing the skills and abilities of doctors. The Royal College of General Practitioners recognizes this need and is currently investigating the feasibility, reliability and validity of introducing such an alternative as an integral part of its membership examination.(More)
This is a nontechnical phenomenological proof that pattern-recognition and consciousness are the same activity, with some speculation about the importance of this. Since Husserl, many philosophers have accepted that consciousness consists of a stream of logical connections between an ego and external objects. These connections are called "intentions."(More)
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