Ray Turner

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The Ypa project (De Roeck et al., 1998) is building a system to make the information in classiied directories more accessible. BT's Yellow Pages 1 provides an example of a classiied database with which this work would be useful. Accessibility in this context means allowing users (or call center operators) to query the Yellow Pages system using Natural(More)
Dialogue Management components are becoming increasingly useful in Natural Language Information Retrieval systems, to aid users find information they require. These components need to be evaluated, both intrinsically, to gauge development approaches, and extrinsically to measure subjective performance. We introduce a Natural Language Dialogue System, the(More)
Any opinions, findings, or conclusions are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the supporting agencies. How do we get there? What does " there " look like?. Credits The Workshop on which this Report is based was organized by an External Steering Committee (ESC), working with colleagues at the National Science Foundation (NSF)(More)
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